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 the Greek Potter

                           Handmade Stoneware Pottery since 1970 


After choosing a product, the payment button is at the bottom of the page. You will be directed to the payment page to fill out the description box with the item number and specifications like colors and additional requests (Copper Red, Plum, Mustard Tan, New Tan, Rustic Blue, Blue and Brown) for each item. 


Incised Leaf /w Brown Slip Cutout


Approx. 23" x 7"

Tree w/ Stippled Leaves


Approx. 21" x 6"

One of a kind design on each item.

Double Plain Leaf - Speckled Tan


Approx. 16" x 4"

Plum Leaf Cutout


Approx. 16" x 5"

Vein Leaf Cutout - Speckled Green (C/6)


Approx. 16" x 5"


Sculpted Winter Tree


Approx. 16" x 5"

(One of a kind design)

Incised Vein Leaf


Approx. 23" x 5"